About Us

The Company

Studentmug is a young, innovative, and entrepreneurial company aimed at mediating relations between the corporate world and students. At the moment Studentmug has two main focuses, knowledge sharing and knowledge application. We can find these back in the company through Studentmug.com and Studentmug Consulting.


The website is the basis of our company. We are using this platform for both the sharing and application of knowledge. The sharing comes through the social networking capabilities. Students can contact each other about issues concerning their education, healthcare, world issues or any other issue they like. But by actively getting other parties to participate we are not limited to the sharing of this knowledge. Students get to know more about NGOs and volunteer work, Government issues (such as what do I need to start up), and corporate life and expectations.

Studentmug Consulting

Heavily interwoven with our website is our consulting service. By understanding the current issues of the student population, we are better capable to place the right students with the right companies. Due to our direct relation with students we are specialized in internships ranging from 2 months to 24 months programs. However if a demand for jobs fits our profile we will not hesitate to assist the parties involved either. We are not in business just to place students. As core to our business is improving our surroundings, we feel we can only do this by getting the best students to the best fitting internships.


To enhance the value of the student experience to all parties involved, by enabling relations to grow between all the possible parties.


In order to become successful we believe in relationships. By creating an easy to acces platform online, we aim to provide several opportunities for every party involved with students. Education in our opinion is based in the gathering and creation of knowledge. Using the online platform we can share all the knowledge Studentmug gathers, which can be gathered through articles, but also through videos, images, surveys and network building. It is our goal to become the mediator between student, company, government, NGO and any other party involved.

What is in it for me?

In this century the world will change from a production society to a knowledge society. By sharing knowledge and opportunities with us, you can be sure to expect quality from us. We believe in right fits, whether it is tailoring a survey among thousands of people, or by finding you that one right candidate, we will be ready for your needs. Therefore we invite you to come and have a sit with us. Any company has needs, but most of them come down to people. Students are the future of any organization, which is right where we are located. So please feel free to contact us, we have no obligations to you at all, in stead we will listen to your needs for growth, and find exactly what is needed to get ready for the future